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FreshMenuUnpretentious, simple, fresh, innovative and addictively delicious is the only way to describe our dinner menu. We serve everything from deluxe hamburgers to fresh dish and certified angus beef steaks. Light meals and healthier options also are available, and each dish is prepared using the only the finest ingredients.

Available daily from 5 to 10 p.m.



Seasonal soup of the day, cup or bowl ... 4/6

Caesar salad, baby gem, parmesan, bacon, garlic croutons, soft boiled egg, white anchovies ... 6/9

Winter salad, quinoa, apple, spinach, golden raisins, tahini dressing  ... 7/10

Arugula salad, thinly sliced potato, parmesan crisp, hazelnut vinaigrette … 7/10

Add to your salad: smoked salmon ... 5    grilled chicken ... 4      grilled salmon fillet ... 10 

PEI mussels, bacon dashi, mushrooms, scallion oil … 9/13

Duck confet tart, pear, brie, petit salad  ... 8

Beet and gin cured salmon, potato chips, horseradish creme ... 10



Kinderhook Creek brie (America, sheep) with cherry confit and grilled brioche ... 9

Chiribogo blue (German, cow) with prune spread, tortas ... 12

Westcombe dairy caerphilly (English, cow) with pear mostarda, wafers  ... 9

Cociotta di capra con pepe (Italy) with quince paste, rice wafers   ... 11

Enjoy all four seasonal cheeses with their accompaniments ... 40





Scallops, fritter roulette, ciantro sunflower seed salsa ... 24

Today’s pasta ... 14

Salmon fillet, cauliflower, lemon parsley, capers, roasted almond, parmesan sauce   ... 20

Today’s fish ... market price

Carolina gold rice grit risotto, lemon, walnuts, marcarpone, lollipop kale chips ... 15

Chicken breast, roasted butternit squash, prunes, roasted chestnuts, cipollini onio, thyme jus   ... 18

Brined Berkshire porckchop, pretzel dumplingcaraway spiked brussel sprouts, gouda fondue  ... 20

Beef burger, bacon, smoked provalone, arugula, bacon sundried tomato onion relish, fries or slaw  ... 12 

Today's butcher cut ... market price

Certified Angus Beef ® Filet Mignon with baby new potatoes tossed with butter and herbs ... 6 oz / 21       12 oz / 39

Certified Angus Beef ® NY Strip Steak with baby new potatoes tossed with butter and herbs ... 8 oz / 21   12oz / 31 

All steaks served with the choice of caramelized onion steak sauce, au poive or béarnaise.




Honey mustard brussel sprout slaw, carrots, peanuts   ... 5

Baby mixed leaf salad, balsamic vinaigrette ... 5

Creamed spinach ... 5

French fries, malt vinegar mayo ... 5

Skillet baby potatoes, gouda fondue,  spicy onion jam .. 5