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With healing hands and ancient therapies … stress melts away along with the aging effects of the day.

Willcox Signature Massage
30 minutes for $50; 60 minutes for $80; or 90 minutes for $100
A relaxing massage with the application of soothing, stress reducing aromatherapy oils using a variety of massage techniques and strokes to relax the body and mind.

Deep Tissue Massage
60 minutes for $90 and 90 minutes for $115
Moderate to deep pressure is used to relieve tired and sore muscles.  Muscles become more fluid and flexible.  Excellent for muscle spasms, repetitive strain injuries, headaches and stress

Pre and Postnatal Massage
60 minutes for $80
Gentle massage techniques increase energy levels, alleviate discomfort and water retention, increase circulation, stabilize hormonal activity and help prevent stretch marks.

Sports Orthopedic Massage
60 minutes for $90 and 90 minutes for $110

Four-Hand Massage
60 minutes for $160
Two therapists synchronize their expert hands to create the ultimate sensory experience for a unique and totally indulgent massage therapy.

Hot Stone Massage
60 minutes for $90 or 90 minutes for $110
A therapist's healing touch combined with the therapeutic properties of warm, smooth basalt stones will melt tension from your muscles and de-stress your mind.

For Couples
Side by side, couples can enjoy simultaneous massages of their individual choosing.

In Room Massages
Enjoy the benefit of the spa in the privacy of your guest room.


Complimentary Aromatherapy
During your massage enjoy your choice of aromatic scents. We offer the following aromatherapy oils: Eucalyptus, Refreshing Peppermint, Relaxing Lavender, Inspiration 


Body Treatment Add-Ons

Aromatherapy Hydro Tub
30 minutes for $25
Experience the warmth and healing elements of herbal bath salts and aromatherapy oils.


Thermal Touch
Thermal Touches are 15-30 minute power sessions designed to focus on a specific section of the body that needs extra attention.

Hands and Arms
20 minutes for $20

Back Purification
30 minutes for $60

10 minutes for $10

Legs and Feet
20 minutes for $30

Neck and Chest
20 minutes for $20


NuFace Wow Brow
25 minutes for $30 


Intraceuticals Eye and Lip Treatment
30 minutes for $100
Focus on the eyes and lips — this cutting edge Atoxelene Treatment dramatically smooths, tightens and firms the appearance of the eye contour and immediately plumps and softens the lips.


Intraceuticals Oxygen Therapy 
15 minutes for $15
Maintaining proper oxygen levels in the body is a vital ingredient for health, vitality, physical stamina, and endurance. Oxygen therapy is said to be one of the most powerful and efficient methods of detoxifying and cleansing the body. Choose from:

Bulgarian Rose Otto 
calming, invokes spiritual and sensual mood

Roman Chamomile
soothing and calming

mind stimulating, helps headaches and aids digestion

Lemon scented Tea Tree
helps soothes colds and coughs

calming and relaxing