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The Willcox joins the “meals on wheels” revolution

The concept of a mobile kitchen isn't new. Back in 1866, cattleman Charles Goodnight created a solution for cooking meals during cattle drives. He converted an old Army wagon into a chuck wagon — a virtual kitchen on wheels. Later versions could be found in New York City selling hot dogs, pretzels and ice cream. These days, food trucks are not a novelty.

While it’s hard to pinpoint what really started the modern food truck craze, the trend appears to have cropped up first in culturally diverse cities on the East and West coasts, including New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco, influencing the fusion of flavors offered by mobile vendors.

Ours is the first in Aiken, South Carolina, and it’s a comfortable cross between hotdog and haute. And why not here? The Willcox Restaurant’s executive chef Regan Browell is familiar with food trucks. She was born and raised in New Zealand, a great little nation in the southern corner of Oceania that fancies food trucks so much that it even has one with its own TV series.


Find the Truck

Hungry for some Food Truck grub? Of course you are. But remember, ours isn’t the kind of truck you chased down as a kid for an ice cream bar. We’ve got the real deal: a fully functional portable kitchen that serves everything from New York strips to lamb burgers and spicy fish tacos. The menu changes seasonally because everything’s fresh, never processed, and our chef Regan just goes with what strikes her for the day.

While we have some favorite spots, you can never be too sure where you’ll find us. We might be in your downtown, at a street fair or in your neighbor’s back yard. Call if there’s a place you’d like to see us ‘cause we’re always ready to roll. Check our calendar.